When the lingerie meets the espadrilles .... Addicted !!!!

If you follow my blog since few months,  it is not the first time I talked about these two French famous & trendy  brands. I like the know-how of Pare Gabia, the famous  brand of espadrilles. I like the divine ensembles of Princesse tam.tam

So the collaboration between the two brands !!!!! 

OMG that's just the paradise !!!!

And yes, this Summer, Pare Gabia is designing espadrilles for Princesse tam-Tam !

In bright rouge, trimmed with orange and fuschia pink (see pic) or in dark blue, trimmed with charcoal grey, you cannot resist.

They are hand sewn and made in France, of course!

This is the best way to treat ourselves to 100% glam vacation and comfort at our feet.

Ouh lala so exciting !!!!

In a selection of French boutiques and on the website princessetamtam.com


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