The all secrets to seduce a French woman...

There is something about French women we just can't seem to define. It's called, famously and appropriately enough, that "je ne sais quoi" -- or, literally translated, that "I don't know what." After living more than a decade among the Gauls, I was more interested in the culturally-brewed realities behind that infuriating term. Here are a few byte-size samples:
--French women are self-possessed; even slightly defiant. Why? Partly because they don't grow up with the mandate to be liked and be like everyone else. There's no word or concept for "popularity" in France. Imagine growing up without that pressure. When it comes to relationships, that self-possession serves them well. If a man's Just Not That Into Her, a French women generally just moves on!!!
--French women love seduction and gallantry : French feminist Sylviane Agacinski once said: "We want the power to seduce and be seduced. There will never be a war of the sexes in France." (Likewise, Louis XIV of France once declared: "Under a king, a country is really ruled by a woman.") And so it is. French men and women actually like each other. A lot. Flirtation is a civic duty in France, not a menace. French women generally prefer men to be in the picture, not out of it. But do not forget, on your first date, to bring some flowers (especially pink roses or lilies -  never (ever) red roses for the first date it means a love declaration).
--French women think free : French women do not believe in how-to and dos-and-don'ts, which gives them a certain freedom to live as they please. They're also not fond of rules and they're private, not public. There is no Doctor Phil  in France.
--French women generally have a keen sense of the brevity of time and the immediacy of pleasure. Australian generally have a keen sense of the brevity of pleasure and the immediacy of the future.
--The French women enjoy being grown-ups. They do not believe in being forever young. You will never see a French woman wearing a t-shirt that says "Life begins at seventy." (Because it doesn't.)
--The French women are more interested in having a life than making a living.
--The French women don't covet packaged cookie-cutter beauty, "au naturel" is de rigeur, and less is truly more in France. 

These are, of course, the more redeeming aspects of French women. There are many reasons to love and hate the French, and countless books have been written about the latter part of that sentence. The point here is not to exalt French (though they do have a peculiar tendency to provoke extreme reactions in us),  as Descartes once put it, it is "good to know something of the customs of different people in order to judge more soundly of our own."


    • 1.Expect confidence. French women exude confidence, exuberance and charm that can only be matched by an equal measure of wit and intelligence in a man. French women expect a certain level of culture and political savvy in men. This is why it is important to be aware of current cultural events and the ever-changing political climate.

    • 2. Respect her culture and world view. Ask questions to gain a deeper understanding of her culture and world view. Politics is an important topic in French society. That tradition is equally noted in French women living abroad. This is why it is important to not only ask questions about her political views, but also understand how she came to have them. Engage her in conversation and debate to examine cultural and political differences and similarities.
    • 3.Give her the independence she requires. French women can be very independent by nature. However, that tradition should not be taken the wrong way. To avoid unnecessary conflict in the relationship, allow your French girlfriend the space and independence she requires to feel connected, vital and nurtured within the relationship. Do not assume that her independent nature is a sign of dissatisfaction or contempt. Ask questions when in doubt.
    • 4.Avoid stereotypes. Ask intelligent questions and avoid conversations that stand on gross stereotypes and rumor. See your French girlfriend (or partner) as an individual woman, and avoid translating her personal choices into gross assumptions about French women in general. Recognize that culture influences style of dress, manner of speech, sense of humor, hygiene and many other area of our lives. Avoid saying, "Is that a French thing?"

5. French women are like magnets. Sometimes we attract; other times we repulse. We are alternately hot and cold. Distant and passionate. It has to do with our origins, a mix of Latin and Celtic. 

6.To impress a French woman, you must be faux-ugly. Men like Serge Gainsbourg or Vincent Cassel are the ultimate sex symbols in France. They are not beautiful, but they are not ugly. They are ugly-beautiful. They are cultured and elegant, but they are nonchalant about their culture and their elegance. Their shirt is undone. That casualness, that carelessness, is to me a very Parisian quality.
7.You must be a faux romantic. That same nonchalance must apply to seduction as well. Romanticism is good for art. For literature. People read Proust, or Marivaux, and assume Paris is the most romantic city in the world. But romanticism is a fantasy that has no place in real life. French women don't fall for it. You must be falsely romantic.
8.If you are neither faux-ugly nor faux-romantic, don't bother. Nonchalance cannot be faked. Nor can be acquired. But there are a few things you can do to help your cause:
9.Don't shave too closely. French women don't like that. They like one-day or two-day growth.
10.Never, under any circumstance, eat cheese on a first date. You see all these Australians eating cheese at a romantic dinner. This must stop. It is forbidden. Cheese stinks. Even if it's very good, it stinks. I'm French, so I can say this. Cheese can be eaten with friends or with family, but among lovers, it's out of the question.

et Voila !!!!!


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  2. I do LOVE French girls so much . . .the language is PERFECT for a female, and there is no other language spoken once she passes the threshold of my bedroom door .. it is only FRENCH ! Love Italian girls too,-or me French and Italian !

  3. :) the fantasme of the French women hahahaha

  4. Errr I'm a French girl and what you say about the french girls' fantaisies is FAAALSE ! I love men who are very well shave, very sophisticated (metrosexual) and the most good-looking men for me are the ones who wear make-up and are depilated (I love gothic boys and glam-metalhead guys)^^

  5. That's the same when you write : "people read Proust, or Marivaux..." REALLY ?? No ! French people read Harry Potter, 50 shades of grey and Hunger game ! They Watch mostly american movies, listen to american music, hate french movies et french music !!

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