My fav spots in Tuscany (seaside) FORTE DEI MARMI

FORTE DEI MARMI  is the VIP trendy place in Tuscany. I went there few times because a part of my family (mother side) live close by (in Lucca and Pisa).

So it is a great pleasure for me to talk about this place I know pretty well...

Where to sleep in FORTE DEI MARMI :

There is only place if you want to sleep with the truly Glam & chic style, the 5 star (One michelin hat restaurant)  HOTEL BYRON.

There are places that have a special charm all their own, places made up of intangible atmospheres and evocative powers, of memories of days gone by, of a weave of events and figures that have left their signs, echoes and imprints there. 

Hotel Byron in Forte dei Marmi is one of these places. 

A villa whose construction was commissioned during the first half of the last century by José “Pepito” Caferino Canevaro Duke of Zoagli
, a cosmopolitan personality with unconventional spirit who still today seems to be incredibly fashionable  and a fore-runner of the times. 
An abode created as a residence and intimate buen retiro, designed for the family to spend their holidays together and receive the set of friends belonging to the beau monde.

Hotel Byron Viale A. Morin, 46 at Forte dei Marmi

What to see :

1.“La Versiliana” in Forte dei Marmi, surrounded by a magnificent park, offers during the summer wide variety of theatre, ballet, exhibitions, concerts.

Don’t miss the Museum of Satire and Caricature (or “Museo della Satira e delle Caricature”), which organizes every year the Political Satire Award (or “Il premio della Satira Politica”). 

Alta Versilia villages offer lovely views together with artistic and cultural attractions, result of their history. 

In Serravezza, the Romanic country Church (or “ Pieve Romanica”) with its rosette attributed to Michelangelo and the Museum of Folk Dresses and Artkrafts ( or“Museo dei Costumi e dei Lavori Folkloristici”) in the beautiful scenary of Palazzo Mediceo.

In Stazzema, the Museum of History of Resistence (or “Museo della Storia della Resistenza”). 

2.The Alpi Apuane chane, clearly visible from the beach, rises with summits up to 2.000 m. 

Nowadays Alpi Apuane are part of a 136.000 acres park between Lucca and Massa Carrara, a protected area for a wide variety of floral and wildlife species. 

Pietrasanta, the historical and artistic capital of Versilia, founded around 1225 a.C., was call the “Little Athens” for its marble laboratories. 

Its historical centre is consider a jewel of the Middle Ages. Carrara is worldwide famous for been surrounded by white marble quarries. 

3. The market every wednesday morning if you are looking for chic stuff (superga sneakers, polo t-shirt,....)

The Antique Market is also really famous ....

Where to go for swimming  :

The beach "Bagno Piero" with its cute & typical blue bath cabins. 

This establishment is the oldest, where the famous family AGNELLI (FIAT & FERRARI) were at the first place in the first row...
Via Arenile, 1 at Forte dei Marmi

Where to dance

In the nigh-club the most CHIC & GLAM in Tuscany "La Capannina" where you can across famous and non famous....


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