Stay trendy & chic in cold weather

You have to go to Europe. It's winter time (so a really cold weather compared to the one in Australia). What to wear on a t-shirt or a blouse apart a cashmere cardigan?

Answer: a nice cashmere cardigan to surround to give it a more feminine line. Alternatively, more working wear: a close-fitting jacket half jacket, half jacket with wool in it.

Since you do not assume skirts and dresses in winter (but it is not allowed to change his mind), I suggest you focus on the pants. 

Those who hold the warmer in velvet or wool. Look at the composition and, for wool pants, make sure it is soft or twice, before adopting it (some wool irritate sensitive skin). If you insist on wearing trousers in canvas, slip tights underneath as for fans of two wheels.

As for the choice of the coat, you can assign to the trend of this winter sheepskin or splurge on a nice warm coat. Caution: Even if you are told "it's wool", check the label reading: between 30% wool-70% polyester and 100% wool, there is a real difference in heat.

Do not go out without you protect your neck! 

More chic than a scarf with fringes, consider the stole XXL: 

yes even if you measure less than 1m65, we can roll up in a big scarf without looking compacted. It adds style, full silhouette and gives hotAnd to keep warm, do not forget gloves or mittens and hat fine. One final tip: slide in felt soles in your shoes. They isolate you from the humidity.


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