The few secrets about the French CHIC

How to be chic, and the mystery of casual elegance.

For a long while, I've wondered what does "chic" exactly mean? And how to look chic?

Definition of Chic

Somewhere along the way, it dawned upon me that to be chic is to be casually elegant. It also means to have style with a bit of attitude.

It is original. It is a little unexpected.

There are many definitions or interpretations of chic, as many style advocates will tell you ... but my definition is that chic style is - casual elegance with a bit of an attitude and independence (from fashion trends).

Since some others may not define chic the same way as I do, I would also like to say that not everything 'chic' is casually elegant (or elegant at all) and not everything casually elegant is chic.

How to be Chic

As much as I prefer classic and traditional elegant styles, I've come to realize that most of them are on the formal side, by today's standards.

If you consider the history of fashion, our way of dress has become increasingly casual. Take travel for instance. About a couple of decades years ago, men wore suits and women wore tailored dresses and fitted jackets to travel by air, these days, you'll see many in camisoles and shorts, pajamas tracksuits and flipflops with no make up!

How do we adapt to the casual modern society without compromising on elegance?

One of those ways, I believe is to learn how to be casually elegant. Having a little fun with casual elegance is to be chic. To inject a bit of personality into 'expected' or cliche styles shows an independent spirit.

First we have to understand what 'casual elegance' is.

Casual elegance is dressing in a relaxed way.

  • Sometimes, an elegant womans want to leave all her bling at home, kick off her heels, lean back and have a cup of coffee in her garden.
  • She wears her husband's watch instead to achieve a 'smart casual' look...a break from her usual ladylike outfits.
  • She also decides to wear ballet flats with her tailored dress because she will be going into the city and doing lots of walking.
  • She may run out of time, so decides to wear a beret masking her unstyled hair.
  • She loves her elegant bag and decides to use it everywhere, for special occasions, to work and even to the supermarket.

Chic is casual elegance with a bit of the unexpected.

A person who has chic style is someone who thinks independently about fashion. She is confident and self aware to know what looks good on her. She adapts fashion to her style, not the other way round. She is somewhat of a free spirit. She doesn't like to be showy or obvious, she likes to keep a little mystery, and by that way, she unknowingly keeps everyone guessing!

She embraces change at the right time and not one to sport the same hairstyle for the next couple of decades. She is fresh, exciting and passionate yet comfortable in her own skin.

 She likes to reinvent herself when she feels she needs a change.

If you are based in Australia, more info on my website (section workshops) "How to Learn the French Fashion Style" 


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