BISTRO RIVAGE (Palm Beach) The Authentic French food Bistro

Today I would like to talk about a place that I really love. I went to Palm Beach (the northern beaches of Sydney, Australia) last Saturday for a surf lesson and to be honest I usually always have lunch at the Boathouse because I love the place and the atmosphere.

And then after a while I wandered over to be in Palm Beach I fell by chance on a new French restaurant "Bistro Rivage" very recognizable thanks to the French flags. This Bistro is facing the golf course in Palm Beach ....

I was with my man, so we sat at a table and we ordered a glass of French Rose for the aperitif. The menu was really appetizing and the prices (for once) were affordable (including wine) . The menu had the same authentic design as a menu bistro in France.

I ordered a confit of salmon (with leek confit and hazelnuts) and a ratatouille. My man ordered a veal stew. The baguette arrived and was crispy (so good).

When the food arrived, it was a pure delight. I found the exact taste dishes of my childhood and my life in France. Salmon and ratatouille were divine (perfect cooking of salmon, no acidity on ratatouille) and the veal stew was not too heavy (no creamy sauce) just enough sauce to appreciate the fair value of this traditional French dish. The veal stew was served with rice (perfectly cooked in broth).

The stew was served in a individual white porcelain casserole  ("tres chic" design). Pleasure of the eyes joined the taste buds.

For dessert we had a rhum baba which was also delicious. I absolutely loved the decoration of the cake with a beautiful "fleur de lys"  and  a apricot cream in the middle.

This is the first time, since I live abroad, I found the exact flavors of French cuisine I know. 

I recommend you this great bistro if you are in Palm Beach. The food is absolutely excellent. The place is very elegant, which does not spoil anything.

What I love ..... 
* if you are a group (more than 6 people) take the dishes to share (as a bouillabaisse made in Marseilles) 
*the true French breakfast,
*the Sunday lunch for the live concert.

Bravo to the Bistro RIVAGE Team in Palm beach .... I know now where I have to go if I want to  eat authentic French food! 

I am pretty sure in few months this place will become an institution !!!

Bistro Rivage
1 Beach road
Palm Beach 2108
Phone (02) 9774 1159

open friday, saturday and sunday
breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee


  1. Wow. Sounds great. And perhaps an excuse to visit North Queensland!

  2. Not north queensland palm beach nsw is approximatively one hour on the north of Sydney :))

  3. Not north queensland palm beach nsw is approximatively one hour on the north of Sydney :))


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