Cartier Trinity ring

About the French renowned jewelry Cartier :

Cartier has composed an anthem in the honour of beauty and sensuality. 

Discover the epitome of luxury in jewellery by Cartier, whose fabulous creations speak a universal language of emotion.

Since 1847, the name Cartier has been synonymous with beauty and rarity in the world of luxury jewellery. 

Celebrities of past and present, from maharajahs to film stars, along with simple couples in love, have always preferred Cartier. True connoisseurs know perfection when they see it.

About Trinity

Trinity is one of the most recognizable Cartier motifs, and given the meaning and history behind the Trinity de Cartier - love, fidelity, and friendship. 

The Trinity Collection is a line linked directly to the history of the great house. 

With the Trinity, Cartier is going back to its roots, to one of the core symbols of the brand, which are the three rings of Cartier in rose, yellow and white gold.

Symbolically, the yellow gold ring stands for fidelity; the white gold ring represents friendship, and the pink gold ring stands for love. 


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